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Research And Implement On The Tunable Fiber Laser Based On An Opto-VLSI Processor

Posted on:2013-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371966348Subject:Physical Electronics
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Tunable lasers are currently used in a wide range of applications such as wavelength-division-multiplexing networks, optical sensors, spectroscopy, wavelength protection, fiber-optic gyroscope, and testing of optical components and instruments.This work was partly supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (2011RC0404), the National Science Foundation of China (60807022) and the National Key Basic Research Special Foundation (2010CB327605).This dissertation emphasizes study on the wavelength tuning mechanism and Multi-wavelength lasing of the tunable ring cavity fiber lasers, and the major innovative work includes the detail descriptions on the following subjects:1.Demonstrate the experimental of the single-mode tunable fiber ring laser based on an Opto-VLSI,and achieve a laser whos lasing wavelength and output power can be flexible tuning.The laser can stably single-wavelength lasing,the power fluctuation is less than 0.25dB and can be adjust with a 0.05nm steps in the entire C-band.2. Demonstrate the experimental of the multi-port tunable fiber ring laser, a 3-wavelength tunable fiber laser whos channel can be Fine tuning was Demonstrate d. The fiber laser can stably three-wavelengths lasing in the room temperature, each of the wavelength can be independently adjusted, the power fluctuation is less than 0.3dB, the laser linewidth is 0.02nm and the tuning accuracy is 0.05nm.3. Combine the research of the two Above-mentioned lasers and the fiber laser tuning and gain mechanism, A novel Tunable dual-wavelength fiber laser based on an Opto-VLSI processor and four-wave mixing in a photonic crystal fiber have been proposed and experimentally demonstrated. The fiber laser can stably narrow-line width dual-wavelengths lasing in the room temperature, the wavelength spacing can be tuned form 0.8 nm to 4 nm with a 0.15 nm step, the power fluctuation is less than 0.4dB and the measured side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) is above 45 dB.The purpose of this paper is to explore and study a new type of fiber laser wavelength tuning mechanism, and thus developed a stable and reliable fiber laser. Experimental studies have developed tunable fiber laser based on an Opto-VLSI processor, a dual-wavelength tunable laser based on an opto-VLSI processor and four-wave mixing.
Keywords/Search Tags:tunable fiber laser, four-wave mixing, photonic crystal fiber, dual-wavelength
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