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1. Studies On Single Longitudinal Mode Palsed 1178nm Lasers And Novel Dual-wanelength Lasers
2. Novel Visible-NIR Ultrafast Sources
3. Study On Characteristics Of All-solid-state Multi-wavelength Laser
4. Research On The All-solid-state Tunable Laser Source
5. Study Of THz Radiation Generated Via Optical Difference Frequency Generation Based On Nonlinear Crystal
6. Fiber Gratings' Applications In Microwave Optical Filtering, Wavelength Switching And Fiber Lasers
7. Research On Optical Parametric Conversion And Dual-Wavelength Q-Switch Based On Periodically Poled Crystal
8. Study Of Photonic Generation Of Millimeter-wave Signal And Associated Techniques For Radio-over-fiber System
9. Fiber Lasers And High Performance Photodetectors For THz Generation
10. Theory And Sensing Technology Investigation Of Long-period Fiber Bragg Grating
11. Research Of LD-pumped Nd:YAG Transparent Ceramic All-solid-state Lasers
12. Research On The Pulsed Yb-doped Double-cladding Fiber Laser And Relevant Components
13. High Power Tm: Fiber Lasers And Application In Fiber-bulk Hybrid Laser Technology
14. Research On Novel Double Clad Fibers
15. Investigation On Watt Level CW Frequency-stabilized Nd~(3+):YAP/KTP Lasers With Dual Wavelength Outputs
16. Study On The Design Of Long-Pulse Dual Wavelength Nd:YAG Medical Laser System
17. Theoretic And Experimental Research On Diode-pumped Cw And A-O Q-switched Dual-wavelength Laser
18. Study On Same Space Dual-wavelength Tunable TEA CO2 Laser
19. A Dual-wavelength Oscillation-amplify TEA CO2 Laser With Space Overlapped Pulses
20. Theoretical Calculation Of Photonic Crystals And Experimental Research Of A Dual-wavelength Laser
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