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Keyword [four-wave mixing]
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1. The Research Of Several Key Technology In Fiber And Wireless Combination
2. The Study Of Optical Signal Processing Technology Based On Photon-Liquid Crystal And Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguides
3. Study On The Cross-section Structure Information Extraction Of Actual Microstructured Optical Fiber And The Characteristics Of Ultra-short Pulse Propagation
4. Theory And Experimental Study Of Novel Microstructure Optical Fibers With Birefringence And Nonlinearity
5. Study On Multiwavelength Erbium-doped Fiber Laser Based On Nonlinear Effects
6. Study On Fundamental Theory And Technologies Of WDM Systems And All-optical Networks
7. Fiber Ultra-Short Pulse Generation And All-Optical Wavelength Conversion
8. Tunable Wavelength Conversion Based On FWM In Semiconductor Fiber Ring Laser
9. Transient Coherence Four-and Six-wave Mixing Spectroscopy With Phase-conjugation Geometry
10. Investigation On Stimulated Brillouin Scattering And Four-wave Mixing In Photonic Crystal Fiber
11. Nonlinear Optical Effects In Photonic Crystal Fibers
12. High Speed All-optical Signal Processing Based On Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers And Optial Filtering
13. Design Of Dispersion Flattened Microstructure Fibers And Research On Four-Wave Mixing In Microstructure Fibers
14. Investigation And Application Of Key Photonic Devices In All-optical Network
15. Research On High-Speed All-Optical Signal Processing Based On Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
16. Research On Compact Mode-locked Photonic Crystal Fiber Lasers And Source Of Correlated Photon Pairs
17. Investigation On All-fiber Raman Fiber Lasers
18. Measurement Of Key Parameters In Nonlinear Applications Of SOA
19. Optimal Design And Simulation Of Silicon-on-Insulator Nanowire Waveguides For Four-Wave Mixing-Based Broadband Wavelength Conversion
20. Investigation Of HNLF-based Multiple Four-Wave Mixing Effect And Applications
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