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Research On The Three-dimensional Localization Algorithm For WSN Based On Grid Centroid

Posted on:2013-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y QuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371490432Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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In the1990s, the study of wireless sensor network has began. From the21century, wireless sensor network has brought about great attention in industry, academia and military. The United States, Europe and China have drafted a series of plan about the wireless sensor network research. At present, the wireless sensor network have made good progress in the target tracking, great duck island haiyan monitoring, glacier monitoring, medical health, electronic pasture,and even the survey of submarine plate, planetary exploration etc. Therefore, the wireless sensor network research has the vital significance.Wireless sensor network has much key technology, this paper focuses on the localization of wireless sensor network. In the wireless sensor network, it is significant for sensor network to monitor the position of sensor network, and the position of the incident or the gained node information location is important information which is contained in the sensor node monitoring news, the monitoring of no location information news often makes no sense. Therefore, to determine the position of the event or to get news node position sensor network is one of the most basic function for wireless sensor network, and it application plays a key role in the availability of the application in wireless sensor network.In the localization of WSN mainly divides into two classes:Range-free and Range-based. This paper mainly studies the localization algorithm based on the distance-GLA (Grid Localization Algorithm).On the base of traditional GLA, the paper puts forward the iterative weighted centroid GLA. The algorithm uses the grid to get the general location of unknown nodes, and then uses centroid algorithm to estimate the coordinates unknown nodes. The simulation shows that:the improved algorithm does not need complex distance measuring equipment and expensive external facilities, you can obtain location accuracy and positioning proportion, and communication protocol is relatively simple, the network topology has some robustness. And so the improved algorithm is a wireless sensor network3-D positioning itself method with low cost, low power consumption.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless sensor networks, Three-dimensional LocalizationAlgorithm, Localization Algorithm, Iterative Weighted Centroid GLA
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