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The Research On Routing Algorithm Of Energy Optimization For Wireless Sensor Network Based On Ant Colony Algorithm

Posted on:2013-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y JiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371474346Subject:Computer application technology
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The energy of nodes provided by attached battery for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)is very limited and difficult to update, so the important problem and key technology needed tobe solved for the development of Wireless Sensor Network is how to save nodes’energy toprolong the network life cycle when designing routing policies. On the basis of reading a lotof reference and previous work, this paper makes further discovery and research, the mainstudies of this paper are as follows.On the basis of analyzing and researching some classic routing algorithms of three typesof routing protocol existing in Wireless Sensor Network, aiming at energy problem that existsin classical clustering routing algorithms and application status of Ant Colony Algorithm(ACA) in clustering routing, this paper makes improvement by analyzing the shortages andkey technology needed to be solved of related algorithm.On the basis of describing Ant Colony Algorithm in details, this paper proposes animproved Ant Colony Algorithm to overcome the defect of Ant Colony Algorithm that easilytrapping into local optimum by optimizing path selection mechanism of artificial ant whenartificial ants are searching communication path. It improves global optimum ability of AntColony Algorithm and makes it more suitable to large-scale application environment forWireless Sensor Network, and verifies the efficiency and availability of this algorithmthrough the simulation experiments.This paper designs the routing algorithm of cluster heads selection in regions based onAnt Colony Algorithm (LEACH-ACANEW). Firstly, divides the whole network into severalsmall region through introducing regional division based on Dirichlet cell and selects clusterheads in each cell. It can solve the problems brought by the classical clustering routingalgorithms which are the gathering of cluster heads in narrow range caused by inappropriatedistribution of cluster heads and excessive energy consumption cause by frequentrestructuring of cluster. Secondly, introduces optimized Ant Colony Algorithm to search theglobal optimal data communication path between cluster heads and sink node for achievingthe multi-hop and low communication cost, and verifies the efficiency and availability of this new algorithm through the simulation experiments.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), clustering routing, regional division, Ant Colony Algorithm (ACA), pheromone, local optimum
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