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Study Of Multilevel Customization Model For Tenants Based On SaaS Applications

Posted on:2012-09-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330338462714Subject:Computer software and theory
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Along with the development of global economic, the Software as a Service (SaaS) as a new business model was proposed. The emergence of SaaS changed the software concept thoroughly.With the diversity of SaaS software applications and the specialization of SaaS tenants, new requirements for customization capabilities have been also put forward. First, a tenant demands to customize with a SaaS application out of more than one virtualized application and run multiple business applications simultaneously. However, according to the traditional way, there is only a virtualized application for a tenant and present SaaS application does not support a tenant renting only once to make multiple customizations. Secondly, these different business applications in the same tenant area have many common customization features. Traditionally, the tenant performs customization separately for different business applications, which brings about many repeated custom operations and much duplication of custom metadata.. Based on this, new SaaS software application should maintain serveral different virtualized applications for the same tenant and support customization sharing among different virtualized applications in a tenant domain, which can reduce duplication of customization, and facilitate unified management of a tenant's institutions, users, roles, code, business applications, business data, etc.This paper mainly studied on multilevel customization model for tenants based on saas applications. In this paper, we focused on the research of data storage mapping architecture to realize the multilevel customization model. In addition, based on the data storage mapping architecture, we studied on data query optimization technique of SaaS application SaaS.On the basis of the defects mentioned above, we mainly bring the following new ideas:1. Multilevel customization strategy. This paper put forwards the novel multilevel customization model, defined the multilevel customization model, and present a mathematical analysis of the multilevel customization model to verify the validity of the model. The multilevel customization model can implement sharing of custom metadata, reduce redundant customization, and be convenient to manange the business systems for tenants.2. Design metadata-driven schema-sharing data storage architecture to implement the multilevel customizaiton model. In this paper, we adopted multi-tenant sharing schema to implement multilevel customization model.3. Research on data query optimization technique for the performance of SaaS aplications. Based on the characteristics of multilevel customization model, we studied deeply on data query optimization technique for SaaS applications. In this paper, we adopted transitive closure table to maintain the relationship among all customized applications, and we adopted two-stage memory buffer and Min-QT -LRU replacement algorithm to improve the query performance of SaaS applications. In addition, we provided cache customization capability to meet businesss performance requirements of different tenants.
Keywords/Search Tags:SaaS, Multi-Tenant, Multi-Level Customization, Sharing, Query Optimization
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