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Research And Implementation On Data Customization Servervice System For Collaborative SaaS Platform Of Industry Chains

Posted on:2017-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S M ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330485988668Subject:Software engineering
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Industrial chain collaboration SaaS platform, which provides software service for the enterprise alliance with leading enterprises as the core, is the third party software platform. The platform supports collaboration service of the enterprise alliance with leading enterprises as the core by using the same hardware and software instance. However, in the process of enterprise alliance business collaboration, the demands of the business form data of the tenants usually are different from each other. It needs not only to ensure the isolation of the enterprise business data, but also consider the form data customization of the form data of the tenants. Therefore, the platform should provide a solution that can be used to realize the dynamic extension of the form data, so that it can meet the specific business collaboration.Based on the National 863 Project "2013AA040606:automobile and engineering machinery multi-chain business collaboration service platform development" and the characteristics of the multi-tenant SaaS platform and the personalized demand for business data of enterprise alliance, the data custom service system for industrial chain collaboration SaaS platform was studied in this paper. Including:(1) Detailed design and analysis of data customization tools, data customization control engine, according to the characteristics of the platform multi-tenancy and the functional requirements of data customization service system for enterprise alliance.(2) Researches about the data customization technology. By studying the business functions of enterprise alliance, the mapping relationships of the business forms and the custom relationship on the business forms of the tenants, a form data storage model was built in this paper. Then the data customized service solution has been put forward aiming at industrial chain collaboration SaaS platform.(3) Detailed design and implementation of Data customization service system. By focusing on the analysis of the architecture design and database design of data customization service system, the custom tool data model and the data model respectively custom engine module design and implementation were given. The module specific implementation process was presented.(4) Implementation and verification of data customization system is described in detail. Verifications of data customization tool and control engine of data customization system have been done in this paper, through parts purchasing business of the collaborative procurement module based on SaaS.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial Chain Collaboration, SaaS Platform, Data Customization, Multi-tenant
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