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Regeneration Of The Magneto-optical Fiber Bragg Grating-based All-optical Clock

Posted on:2010-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360275483738Subject:Optical Engineering
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All-optical 3R (Re-amplifying,Re-shaping,Re-timing) regenerators will play an important role in future large-scale photonic networks because they can avoid accumulation of signal distortion caused by dispersion, nonlinearity and noise in transmission fiber and network. In all-optical regenerators, all-optical clock recovery is the most important technology to significantly extend optical lengths.In this paper, we use the coupled mode theory to reserch the main characteristics of the magneto-optic fiber Bragg grating, and realize the all-optical clock regeneration simulation in Optisystem6.0 platform. The main points of the work and innovation as below:1. Based on the theoretical model of the magneto-optic fiber Bragg grating, we get some research of transmission characteristics. Then we find that the magneto-optic fiber Bragg grating will exist two photonic semitransparent bands corresponding to the sub-bandgaps, and two transmission spectral lines of the incident or mode-converted light are symmetrical about the Bragg wavelength and correspond to the inner or outer boundaries of two semitransparent bands. We can use these two transmission spectral lines as a band-pass filter in all-optical clock recovery.2. We use the simulation software Optisystem6.0 to achieve 40 Gbps all-optical clock recovery. The filtering function of the magneto-optic fiber Bragg grating is relized by the Matlab Component in the simulation platform. Then we combine the Fabry-Perot filter and Semiconductor optical amplifiers to constitute All-optical clock recovery system. We compare the recovered clock signal in conditions whether to adopt the magneto-optic fiber Bragg grating filter. The simulation results show that the system which based on the magneto-optic filter Bragg grating will recover higher quality of the clock signal, and different finesse of the Fabry-Perot filter will affect the recoverd signals. These works lay a certain foundation for future experiments of all-optical clock recovery.
Keywords/Search Tags:Magneto-optic filter Bragg grating, All-optical clock recovery, Fabry-Perot filter, Optisystem6.0
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