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Bottleneck Node In The Clustering Of Wireless Sensor Networks

Posted on:2007-05-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360212970592Subject:Computer application technology
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Wireless Sensor network(WSN), which is made by the convergence of sensor, nested computation, networks and wireless communication technologies, is a novel technology about acquiring and processing information. It is a late-model wireless networks which is of no infrastructures and can be used for testing, sensing, collecting and processing information of monitored objects. WSN is a new research area of computer science and technology, and has a wide application future. Both academia and industries are very interested in it.WSN, as the first of ten new technologies deeply affect human future life, has tremendous applicable value. Sensor networks, which centered on data, have limited computing capacity, limited storage capacity, limited wireless communicative capacity, and limited energy supply capacity. Therefore, how to acquire abundance and efficiency characteristic information of sensed object as soon as possible, and transmit to sink node to take into process, is the emphases of presently research. And all those problems can be sum up to the problems of routing and energy management in WSN.In this paper, the research is focused on the problem of the bottleneck nodes of cluster-based WSN. The solution of this problem is acquired through the analyzing of the characters of bottleneck nodes, the mechanisms of the clustering routing protocols and the effect on clustering routing protocols made by bottleneck nodes. At the end of this paper the algorithm used for bottleneck nodes labeling (BNN-L) and the clustering routing protocol based on BNN-L algorithm are brought forward.Generally, sensor nodes are provided electric energy by batteries and battery replacing is very difficult. So the most important issue about WSN is energy-efficiency. First this paper entirely introduces energy...
Keywords/Search Tags:WSN, Energy Management, Routing Protocols, Clustering, Bottleneck Nodes
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