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Based On The Performance Of The Internet To Its Transmission Of Multimedia Data

Posted on:2008-12-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360212494257Subject:Communication and Information System
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The network development faces of challenge at present, the fierce development of the computer network is obvious to the scope of whole world in the last few years, its explosion growth showed a function that the information technique hugely push to the productivity. Accompany with a technical development of the Internet, the existing network starts load more and more new business, if the speech takes VOIP, the solid hour video frequency service, the virtual appropriation net VPN, the network amuses to wait with game;the cable TV and the telephone net will also and the data network"three nets unite as one", deliver on the IP network. Therefore, several 10-year fronts the service quality of the Internet of personal emergence increasingly become people concern of focus.Combine a network according to the multimedia and the Internet of real time business, such as the video frequency meeting, the long range teaching, the long range medical treatment etc., delivered the service quality(QOS) of the multi-media data to put forward a higher request to the network, but to the multi-media network function carry on to test analysis is the premise and the foundation that raises the network service quality. Therefore, nearer in the last years, carry on to the multi-media network the valid test caused to be engaged in various solid hour business of the luck camp the company's high value, test of the result controls a network and improves the network quality to provide for the network researcher credibility basis.This text introduced the concept and meaning of the network test, carrying on to the multi-media network performance test to say all at the top of this foundation.Currently, at our country the existing Internet is divided into the public enterprise net and the education business net substantially, being also the public-owned net and the education net that our peacetime say, but delivering the public-owned net of the multi-media data mainly is the telecom net and network communicate .Therefore, the writer reads the last few years abroad put forward a testing method combined the existing Internet of our countryt. The text put forward the question how to measure the network trait under the condition of having no precision test instrument and can't predict the network. Resolving that question have actual meaning to researcher and network who charge on camp or company network. In the meantime, in the campus net, the writer combines an actual circumstance of network in our school, passing to set up a mold, actually tested the function of delivered the multi-media data to the education net which can be predicted . The Work we do have actual meaning to the charge and optimize of our campus net.
Keywords/Search Tags:One-way delay, Round-trip delay, Jitter, Packet loss, Throughput
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