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Distributed Virtual Target Test System, Real-time Data Communication And Management Of Technology Research

Posted on:2007-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J R LouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360182978802Subject:Computer application technology
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With the development of the Virtual Reality technique and the network technique, Distributed Virtual Reality is becoming the new technique not only successfully applied in the military affairs, aerospace, medical treatment and entertainment, but also in the education- training, engineering-designing and producing, electronic commence and so on.Distributed Virtual Fight-test System is the Distributed Virtual Reality System .The system provides the research of new style missile with the effective way in the design, experiment, optimization and evaluation. So the research in the key technique of the Distributed Virtual Reality is valuable and significant in both theory and practicality.Combined with the project Distributed Virtual Fight-test System, thesis focuses on the real-time of the system and deep researches in the data transmission, huge data management, task scheduling management and system timer management.Firstly, based on the comparison with the traditional real-time network, the thesis constructs the transmission platform by the Reflective Memory card VMIPCI-5565 to satisfy the requirement of real-time.The thesis analyzes the requirement of the real-time, determinability, dependability to the Reflective Memory network. To the real-time requirement, the network can assure the date transmission speed in a high level. Additionally, DR (Dead Reckoning) technology is adopted to reduce the transmission frequency to satisfy the real-time requirement. Moreover, the network can meet the requirement of the determinability and dependability by redundant transmission mode and other technology.To the management of the huge data, we focus on the real-time characteristic of the database system, and adopt the Distributed Real-Time Main Memory Database as the key technique to realize the storage, query, and manage effectively. In the thesis, it designs the proper policy and algorithm for the data swapping.Finally, to the task scheduling, based on the analysis of the static scheduling and the dynamic scheduling, RM (Rate Monotonic) is adopted as the scheduling algorithm. Besides, the RM is approved to that it can also be applied to the non-periodical task and can deal with the instantaneous over loading. To the time management, thesoftware clock synchronization is adopted to realize the time coherence.In this thesis, based on the analysis and design of the system, it deep researches on some key technologies. The result of test and evaluation indicates that the structure is reasonable and the technologies can accomplish the system well. Thus all the key technologies and theories can be applied in the further development of the Distributed Virtual Reality System.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distributed Virtual Reality, real-time, Reflective Memory network, Main Memory Database, task scheduling, clock synchronization
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