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Design And Implementation Of The Memory Database System Based On C / S Mode

Posted on:2004-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360092980744Subject:Computer software and theory
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With the application field of modern database system becoming wider and wider, the demand for higher database technique also rises, which can not be met (especially in the area of realtime application) by traditonal database technique. From the late 80' s, with the continuous price drop of the semiconductor and the the memory capacity' s increasement, main memory database appeared on the horizon, which achieves the obvious improvement of the system performance, by main part of the database' s constantly remaining in memory and memory's high I/O speed. But Some Designing Problems also occur, For utilizing the CPU and memory better, the database algorithms and data structures must be redesigned.This paper first gives the description on the issues which include, 1. definition and development of the main memory database system. 2. the difference between the main memory database system and the tradional disk database system. 3. latest interested research subjects in this area. Then, a main memory system QuickDB developed by Dalian Commodity Exchange including me is described, which includes critical technique of the database design and development. Among all of the techinque, we put our emphasis on the following two parts, 1. network interface which includes the model of the thread of server, software design and data structure of the communication. 2. main memory database management system which includes data organization, query technique and optimizition, concurrency control, transaction management, system recovery . etc. At the end of this paper, the advantagement of the main memory database system like high realtime performance is demonstrated by the business data of DCE of the comparision with tradional disk database system.
Keywords/Search Tags:main memory database, Extendible hashing, T-tree, Double index, Two-Phase locking, Single-Writer-Mutiple-Readers
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