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Ld-pumped Nd:YAG/LBO All Solid-state Blue Laser

Posted on:2011-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q P YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360308473190Subject:Optical Engineering
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In recent years, blue laser are widely used in the field of industry, scientific research, national defence and military, medical treatment, etc. Therefore, more and more attention has been given to solid-state blue laser. However, its development is much slower than red, green all solid-state laser. In the paper, the technique has been adopted for 473nm blue laser with doubling 946nm run of Nd:YAG crystal. Not only exhaustive theory but also experiment of the blue laser has been given in this paper.In this paper, the output beam of the fiber-coupled solid-state laser which was employed in our experiment was first proved to be close to Gaussian beam. Based on the matrix optical method, the more steadily collimating and focusing coupling system was designed; The theory of quasi-three-level laser transition was analyzed; The stable threshold equation was used to describe the relationship of transmission loss and optimum crystal length when the start-oscillation was at 946nm. The relationship among heat focus, threshold power and pump facular radius was approached. The Frequency-doubling theory and the phase-matching principle were provided. Four performance crystals which were used in blue light frequency doubling LBO, KN, BBO and BIBO were compared; The ABCD matrix was used in the theoretical analyses about the straight type cavity with g parameter and the folded cavity with G parameter respectively, and the corresponding parameter of the Gauss beam were obtained. Combine with the specific device, detailed analyses of the stability of the cavity and the optical waist position which was changing with the parameters of the cavity were discussed. These work became the foundation of the experiment.Last, according to the former analyses and calculations, the straight type cavity was employed and the dovetail rail structure which was conducive to the adjustment and the exchange of the platform components of the laser was also designed to optimize the laser. Under the condition of 30W pump power, the blue laser at 473nm of 600mW was got. A blue-ray spectral was scanned by the WDS grating spectrometer. The experiment problem was discussed and advice for further improvement was given in the end.
Keywords/Search Tags:all-solid-state blue laser, coupling system, quasi-three-level, intracavity-frequency doubling
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