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Single Longitudinal Mode Fiber Laser And Switchable Multi-wavelength Fiber Laser

Posted on:2010-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Single longitudinal mode fiber laser have the benefits of excellent quality beam of light, narrow width, frequency stabilization specially to semiconductor laser, small bulk, good heat elimination, so, it have widely applications such as fiber sensor, coherent communications, lidar, nonlinear optics, gravity wave detection, high precision optic spectrum measurement and etc. Specifically in fiber sensor, it is the optic source of fiber sensor system. High power single longitudinal mode fiber laser have widely applications in super long distance fiber sensor and gravity wave detection.Switchable multi-wavelength fiber laser have width applications in wavelength division communication system, optic spectrum measurement, fiber sensor and etc.In this paper, we discussed single longitudinal mode fiber laser with ring structure and fiber Bragg grating F-P cavity structure. We also discussed its mode selection, cavity design and filter design theoretically and experimentally. Besides, we discussed switchable multi-wavelength fiber laser.The main results are as follows:1. Analyses the basic theory of fiber laser and the characteristic of erbium doped fiber and Er/Yb co-doped fiber. Analyses three, four energy level model and spectrum characteristic of fiber laser. At last, I analysis the energy transfer theory of the Er/Yb co-doped fiber.2. Analyses several types of fiber optic filters in theory, particularly uniform period fiber Bragg grating filter, fiber Bragg grating F-P filter and M-Z ring resonator filter and provides basic theory for the application in future. Besides, analyses the relationship between line-width, finesses and the optic circuit loss in the ring resonator filter.3. Analyses several types of single longitudinal mode fiber laser and make a long ring cavity single longitudinal mode fiber laser. Analyses DBR single longitudinal mode fiber laser and discussed the spatial hole burning, polarization dispersion, ultr-linewidth for chose frequency, fusion splice between phosphate fiber and silicate fiber and how to fabricate linear cavity single frequency fiber laser. I fabricate a high power ring cavity single longitudinal mode fiber laser and realized 630mW single longitudinal mode fiber laser output.4. Fabricated a switchable multi-wavelength fiber laser. In this chapter, we introduce several ways of realize switchable multi-wavelength fiber laser, and then analyses filter and switch principle of the Lyot-Sagnac filter. Finally, we realized three wavelength switchable fiber laser output.
Keywords/Search Tags:Single longitudinal mode, fiber laser, linear cavity, switchable, fiber Bragg grating F-P filter
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