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1. Study Of 1550 Nm And 2μm Fiber Lasers Based On Nonlinear Effects
2. Study On High-performance High-power KHz Linewidth Single-frequency Fiber Laser And Its Application In Frequency Doubling
3. Study On Noise Mechanisms And Its Suppression Technique Of Phosphate Single-frequency Fiber Laser
4. Analysis Of High Power And Energy All Fiber Laser And The Frequency Doubling Experiments
5. Research On Multiwavelength Brillouin-Erbium Fiber Laser And Its Application
6. Research On The Theory And Applications Of The Novel Actively Mode-locked Fiber Laser
7. A Study On All-fiber Ultra-short Pulse Ytterbium-doped Fiber Laser And Generating Supercontinuum
8. Research On The Single Frequency Fiber Lasers Based On All-fiber Filtering Techniques
9. Research On Ultra-low Jitter Mode-Locked Fiber Laser And Its Pumping Mechanism For Supercontinuum Broadening
10. Study On Theory Of Self-similar Pulse Generation And Transition Based On Passively Mode Locked Fiber Laser
11. Research On Square-Wave Pulse In Passively Mode-Locked Fiber Laser
12. Applications Of Microwave Photonic Technology Based On External Modulators In Microwave And Sensing Systems
13. The Study Of New Saturable Absorbers Based Passively Q-switched And Passively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
14. Study On Fiber Lasers With Novel Materials And Technologies
15. Investigation Of Novel Narrow Linewidth Fiber Laser And Fiber Sensor
16. Characteristic Analysis And Development Of Novel Few Mode Fiber And Related Devices
17. Research On The Multi-Wavelength Fiber Laser Based On The Strong Coupled Twin-Core Fiber And The Few-Mode Fiber For The High-Power Fiber Laser
18. Research On High Repetition Rate Passively Mode-locked Fiber Laser
19. Research And Application Of Fiber Acousto-optic Tunable Filter
20. Study On Tunable Erbium-doped Fiber Laser Based On Superimposed Fiber Gratings
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