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Research On The All Solid State Q-switched Lasers At 1.3μm

Posted on:2009-12-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Diode-pumped solid-state lasers have become a focus in the field of lasers due to their many advantages such as high efficiency, compactness, high stability, and long lifetime. The diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 actively and passively Q-switched lasers at 1342nm and all solid-state red laser based on the nonlinear frequency conversion of the 1342nm line of Nd:YVO4 are studied theoretically and experimentally in this paper. The main content can be generalized as follows:1. The theoretical model about the Q-switched lasers was given in this paper. The influences resulting from the laser materials, saturable absorbers and cavity were also qualitatively analyzed. The rate equations about the intracavity frequency doubling were also numerical solved by regarding the frequency doubling as intracavity loss. The waveform of the red laser was obtained theoretically, which was in good agreement with that obtained experimentally.2. The diode-pumped Nd:YVO4 cw laser was experimentally studied in this paper. By exploiting a low-dophant laser crystal and an optimal cavity, the maximum cw output power of 6.63W at 1342nm was obtained, corresponding to the optical-to-optical conversion efficiency and slope efficiency of 42.8% and 43.9%, respectively. The diode-pumped acoustic-optic Q-switched Nd:YVO4 laser at 1342nm was also experimentally studied. At the repetition rate of 10 kHz, the maximun average output power of 2.94W was attained, with the corresponding pulse width of 16.15ns.3. The high power diode end-pumped Q-switched Nd:YVO4/KTP red laser was demonstrated by using a simple plano-concave cavity. At the repetition rate of 15kHz, the maximun average output power of 1.37W was attained, with the corresponding pulse width of 33ns. The frequency doubling of the 671nm was accomplished by the introduction of BBO frequency doubler. The maximun average output power of 10mW was attained accordingly.4. The diode-pumped passively Q-switched Nd:YVO4 laser at 1342nm using Co2+:LMA crystal as saturable absorber was demonstrated in this paper. The pulses with 580mW average output power, 42ns pulse width and 40kHz repetition rate were generated. To our best knowledge, it was the shortest pulse width obtained from the diode-pumped Nd:YVO4/ Co2+:LMA lasers. The Q-switch operation of the Co2+:LMA crystal in different polarization states was also investigated. The reasonable physical explanation for the generation of additional pulses was also given in this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:All solid state laser, Nd:YVO4 crystal, 1.3μm laser, Co2+:LMA crystal, Intracavity frequency doubling, Q-switching
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