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All Solid-state Continuous-wave Q - Of Nd: The Yvo <sub> 4 </ Sub> Laser

Posted on:2001-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Laser-diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPSL) are named all-solid- state lasers, which have advantages of high efficiency, high stability, compactness and long lifetime etc.. Continue wave(CW) Q-switched all- solid-state lasers, due to their short pulse and high peak power, have shown many applications in military, medicine and scientific fields. This dissertation is concerned with experimental and theoretical research on laser diode(LD) end-pumped acousto-optic Q-switched 1064nm Nd:YVO4 laser, acousto-optic Q-switched intracavity frequency-doubled 53 2nm Nd:YVQ4 laser and Cr4:YAG passively Q-switched 1064nm Nd:YVQ4 laser. The main contents of the dissertation are as follows. 1 .The development and the characteristics of DPSL are summarized, pumping schemes and various laser materials used in DPSL are described. The characteristics of Nd:YVO4 crystal are presented in detail. 2. Theoretical analysis and numerical simulation results considering pumping beam waist, cavity parameters are presented here, which provide an important theoretical guide to the optimum design of DPSL. 3. Starting from CW rate equations of Q-switched laser, theoretical analysis and numerical simulation results are presented, which include pulse width, pulse energy efficiency and the process of pulse shaped etc.. Experiments of acousto-optic Q-switched 1064nm Nd:YVO4 laser are demonstrated to verify the theoretical analysis. 4. We demonstrate a high power LD end-pumped acousto-optic Q- switched 532nm Nd:YVO4 laser with a KTP intracavity frequency-doubler, with 6.3W pump power, 70.4uJ pulse laser with 6Ons width at 25kHz repetition, its optic-optic efficiency is 27.9%. At the same time, a theoretical analysis of intracavity frequency-doubling, complex cavity and KTP crystal is given. 5. Theoretical and experimental research about characteristics of Cr :YAG as a passive Q-switch is described. Q-switching characteristics of Cr4+:YAG crystal are presented by numerical simulation, and verified by experiments. Stable laser pulses as short as 2Ons with 6OuJ energy and 3.5 kW peak power at 1 6kHz repetition rate are obtained by experiments, its average output power attains 1.1W with an optic-optic efficiency of 11.8%. 6. By summarizing results of theoretical analysis, a windows application was designed to provide a guide to the optimum design of resonator cavity, Gauss beam transmission and critical match parameters of nonlinear crystal.
Keywords/Search Tags:All-solid-state laser, laser diode, end-pump, intracavity frequency- doubling, Q-switched laser, Nd:YVO4, KTP, Cr4+:YAG
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