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Research And Design On Atom Feed Storage Cluster Based On REST Architecture

Posted on:2009-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2178360242989500Subject:Computer application technology
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As the fast development of the Internet Technology and the wide spread of WEB2.0 applications, the storage and access of the mass data of the Internet had became the main workload of many web applications. Among lots of data formats of WEB2.0 applications, the use of Atom Feed is very extensive. Because the traditional distributed file systems could not support the storage of Atom Feed data format very well and their interfaces are not convenient for the WEB2.0 applications developer, our main research point is to design a storage cluster target to Atom Feed storage and make it work well on supporting WEB2.0 applications.After the widely research and study of the traditional distributed storage technology, this Paper discussed how to design an Atom Feed storage cluster faced to the Internet and make it more easily to support WEB2.0 applications. The main work of this paper is under below:1. Analyze and study the traditional distributed storage cluster systems, design and develop the Atom Feed storage cluster according to the WEB2.0 applications' demand. During the design of the storage cluster we use the thinking of REST architecture, use REST architecture to design and organize the models of the system and offer the REST style interface to the Client users. Then the users could access to the system more conveniently.2. For the organization of nodes in the system we referenced the P2P architecture and proposed the Master-Slave access mechanism. In other words, we do not set permanent primary nodes, the choosing of primary nodes and slave nodes are dynamic.3. For the optimization of the storage and access of the system target to the special data format of Atom Feed, we proposed new data partition and backup strategy.After the upper research and design, the system could have a good extensibility and performance to handle concurrent access.
Keywords/Search Tags:REST, Atom Feed, WEB2.0, Storage Cluster, Data Partition
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