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The Extension Genetic Algorithms And The Application In Bank's CRM

Posted on:2008-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360242469706Subject:Applied Mathematics
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CRM is a commercial strategy to attract and retain customers and maximize their profitability, whose management thinking is customer-centric. When it is comes to CRM, data mining technology should be mentioned. Data mining is the prerequisite and basis for CRM, and CRM is an extension innovation and of data mining. Data Mining develops from a large quantity of incomplete, noise and ambiguous, the practical application of random data, in which the extraction of implicit, people do not know in advance, but is potentially useful information and knowledge process. Data mining methods varied for the different application areas. In the area of customer relations, Data Mining for Customer Relationship Database in large business data extraction, transformation, analysis and handling of other models. Extracting support from the decision-making valuable customer relationship data, thereby helping customers determine the characteristics of enterprises, customers provide targeted services.In this paper, with the extension of Matter-element of that method and the genetic coding algorithm combining to describe and analyze enterprise customers. With the Extension of the correlation function to fractionize customers, thus on the basis of Heredity and Variation Method and Extension transformation of that Genetic Algorithm to lodge new method of Genetic Extension. Further analysis, mining and conversion of customer data. Through examples clarify the effectiveness of the method and superiority, which can help enterprise to subdivision customers, find a marketing focus, identify effective marketing strategy, and excavate a new group of potential customers.In this paper, we try to Extension genetic algorithm applied to CRM, and the establishment of the corresponding mathematical model. The method is embodied in the thinking process to simplify data computing, shorten the time to find objective data and focus data types more practical significance, and enrich the data mining technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:Customer Relationship Management, Data Mining, The extension conversion, The genetic algorithms, The extension genetic algorithms based on the matter element
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