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Research Of 2μm Single-Longitudinal-Mode Laser Seeding Inject Ring Resonator

Posted on:2007-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360212966787Subject:Physical Electronics
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Injection seeding is one of the technologys of developing a high energy and high beam quality light soure, with important application in coherent Doppler lidar, differential absorption lidar(DIAL) and so on. The paper principally discusses the system of laser injected seed.At first, analyzes the injection seeding theorily, so the system based on this. For the parameter of the seeding influence directly the output of the laser system,so getting the suitable master laser be important. We utilize plano-concave cavity and microchip laser to be the seeding, optimize the laser parameter, get 35mW of single frequency output, and an optical to optical efficiency of 2.3%. we then analyze the stability of the ring laser cavity configuration and structure the cavity with length range of 0.74m and 1.2m, get the optimal length of the 0.96m, at pulse repetition rate of 200Hz, wiht a pulse width of 196ns, a pulse energy of 3.5mJ. After all, we inject the seeding to the ring laser, because of the loss, can't to be the threshold of the slave laser. In the experiment of the seeding, we get 50mW output of multi-frequency, and get 5mW in the ring cavity, losing 90%, but the best loss is 80%. If we get 10mW in the ring cavity, we must need 80mW single frequency output. But, if we Q-switch in the ring laser, and after the break off of the Q-switching, we inject the seeding, then we only offer smaller power to match the require. At last we offer the advise.
Keywords/Search Tags:2μm wavelength, injection seeding, Tm,Ho:YLF solid-state-laser, ring laser
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