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Numerical Simulation Of The Propagation Property In Nanometer Optic Waveguide

Posted on:2007-11-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the optic communication and integrated optics, various complex optic waveguides device have been made. The traditional analytical methods has been invalid, many kinds of numerical algorithm have been developed. Within them, the finite difference of time domain(FDTD) method attracts more attention because it is simple ,intuitive, easily learned and widely used. Now, it has been used to analyse the optic waveguide device.In this thesis, we introduce the development of the optic communication and integrated optics firstly, and recount some calculation methods for the optic waveguide, and expound the developing, fundamental principle and its application of the FDTD method in detail. According to the processing object, we divide the FDTD method into scalar and vector FDTD method. We calculated the pulse propagation in waveguide with FDTD method, give out the concrete and intuitive results. Emphatically simulate the nanometer waveguide which is newly risen.When calculate, we give out the dispersion curve and inherent mode by using the analyze method. Then we calculate the inherent mode of the flat waveguide numerically. Compare the two results, we can conclude that, the result of the two methods fit with each other for the normal waveguide. But when the size of the waveguide reduce to sub-wavelength, the two results are differential much, the analytical methods are invalid now. Bend waveguide, waveguide coupler are the key devices in modern optic communication and integrated optics, and used widely. We calculate the optical field propagation in bend waveguide with scalar and vector FDTD method. Get the same result for normal waveguide and give out the optical field offset and compress intuitively. Bur for nanometer waveguide, the scalar FDTD method can not satisfy the requirement of the calculation precision, vector FDTD method is still usable. We simulate the couple of different waveguide, show the propagating phenomena of optical field in two waveguide with different size or...
Keywords/Search Tags:optic waveguide, finite difference of time domain(FDTD) method, bend waveguide, waveguide coupler
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