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A Design And Implementation Of Embeded Related Management System Based On Memory

Posted on:2007-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182977794Subject:Computer software and theory
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Embedded Database Management System is a new technology of data management rising in recent years. Based on mature database technology and special embedded device, It implements the data's storage, organization and management on mobile devices and embedded devices.Traditionally, database systems run on large-scale computer equipment including host computer systems and all kinds of servers. As the computer equipment go smaller and smaller, the database's miniaturization is urgently. Compared with large-scale computers, these small-scale computers, these small-scale computational units are characterized by smack memory and minor hardware even they have no hardware such as hand-held devices and intelligent household electronics. So, it is not feasible to just transplant large-scale database to small-scale devices. We must specially designed database systems to fit for these devices'characters.On the basis of the feature of Embedded Database and the practical requirement to this project, this paper designs and implement an memory-based Embedded Relational Database Management System—MiniSQL. this system is employed to manage the data on embedded devices. MiniSQL organizes and manages the data in the same way the relational database does, supports the search interface provided by SQL,make the data in management always stored in memory, and implement the memory-page-based physical store method and the index architecture with Hash combined by T-tree. this paper emphasis on the discussing of the organization and management of data, and the implementation details of the index and memory file system. Finally, the features and deficiencies of the implementation for MiniSQL is summarized.
Keywords/Search Tags:MiniSQL, Embedded Database Management System, Main Memory Database, T-tree
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