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AHP Based Research On Performance Evaluation System Of JMS Product

Posted on:2007-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Q RuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182493697Subject:Software engineering
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After the JMS Specification was released by Sun Microsystems Inc. in 1998, the JMS products gradually appeared in the market. Due to increasing demand for the JMS products by enterprises, the market of the JMS products was growing rapidly.Currently there are many types of JMS products in the market, but there lacks an evaluation system to assess the performance of each type of JMS products, which makes it difficult for customers to choose among different products. This dissertation attempts to design a performance evaluation system for the JMS products, applying the theory and method of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), and to put this system into application.Firstly, this dissertation analyzes the current status and shortcomings of the research in this field, and emphasizes the strong necessity to set up a performance evaluation system for the JMS products, due to the research gap and urgent demand from customers.Secondly, this dissertation introduces in detail the relevant knowledge and theory about JMS and AHP, and explains the procedure of using the AHP method, including constructing hierarchy structure model, setting up judgement matrixes, ranking all the evaluation indexes and consistency checking. The AHP method has the advantage of being systematic, comprehensive, hands-on and accurate, and thus is suitable for the situation where there is a small number of evaluation indexes in each hierarchy and experts. Hence, the AHP method fits into the practical situation of the subject group.Finally, applying the AHP method, this dissertation constructs the hierarchy structure of the evaluation system. By collecting the value of importance degree of every evaluation index from the experts, this dissertation calculating the weight of every evaluation index and acquires the whole system. In addition, this dissertation provides a set of testing methods to get the result of every index, and makes comparative studies on five different types of JMS products based on the testing results.
Keywords/Search Tags:java message service(JMS), analytic hierarchy process(AHP), evaluation system, judgement matrix, weight
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