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The Algorithm Design For Fusion Of Palmprint And Palm Vein

Posted on:2011-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R B CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330338989957Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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Palmprint and palm vein recognition technologies developed in recent years are new biometric technologies. With their unique advantages, palm vein and palmprint recognition attract widespread attention of the domestic and international researchers in the field of biometric. Supported by the related'863'projects of the state, this thesis focuses on the fusion of palmprint image and palm vein image. Our contributions include:1) Considering the imaging principle of palmprint and palm vein, we propose to use AD080CL multispectral camera of JAL to get palmprint and palm vein image. Because these images are from the same camera, registrations of images are not needed.2) Preprocessing of palmprint and palm vein image is proposed, the reason is that infrared imaging system inevitably have palm vein image with noise. In the process of preprocessing wavelet modulus maximum algorithm are used for image denoising and image enhancement,and we also do some research on how to get ROI of palmprint and palm vein image.3) Dual tree complex wavelet tansform (DTCWT) and opponent processing are proposed for the fusion of palmprint and palm vein image, and fusion rules are emphasized. Also discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and shift invariant discrete wavelet transform (SIDWT) are introduced which are used to compare with the formal two methods.4) Entropy, mutual information and elapsed time are calculated, the experimental results show that DTCWT and opponent processing have more advantages than others. Finally ordinal mesure are used for feature extraction in single palmprint, single palm vein, DTCWT and opponent processing system, and by the result of feature matching we can conclude that information fusion methods have excellent performance than single one.
Keywords/Search Tags:Palmprint, Palm Vein, Image Fusion, DTCWT, Opponent Processing, Ordinal Measure
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