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Decision Fusion Of Palm And Plam Vein Matching Algorithm Based On Multiple Feature Fusion

Posted on:2013-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371978769Subject:Information security
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For the inherent shortcomings of a single modal biometric system, this paper proposes a new fusion algorithm based on the decision-making level palm palm vein, and use this algorithm to achieve a set of palm palm vein authentication system.This system has the following characteristics:First, design a non-contact palm palm vein harvesting system. Acquisition system is characterized by the following aspects:first, the system uses dual cameras, first camera is used to capture visible light images, palmprint. The second camera is used to capture infrared images of palm vein image. The collector does not require specialized infrared sensor image of the imaging system. With the ordinary camera and filters, so the design is simple and low cost. Second, the acquisition system designed for non-contact. Not only clean and sanitary, humane, and security is also increased, to avoid the palm traces may be used by others.Second, opponents palmprint and palm vein two modes were the primary classifier design, with details of the point matching from the matching between the minimum average distance matching method, matching the results obtained by the three decision-making fusion; and then extracted hand palm and palm vein feature points in series to form a new feature, constitute the two classifiers, and then the same algorithm obtained the results of a match.Finally, the palm, palm vein and palm palm vein fusion, the results of these three identification decision level fusion is to get the final results. Experimental results show that this algorithm can effectively improve the system by reducing the error rate.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multi-feature Fusion, Contactless Acquisition Equipment, DecisionLevel Fusion, Palm and Palm Vein Fusion
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