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The Research On Distributed Application System Based On Mobile Agent

Posted on:2011-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C W HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330332958178Subject:Computer application technology
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With the rising of some research areas such as artificial intelligence and distributed computing, mobile agent technology has been widely used in many emerging areas. Compared with the traditional distributed technology, it has many advantages. By dynamically delivering the service requests agent to the server-side for implementation, agent mobile technology makes the agent access the server resources directly, less dependent on network transmission. Therefore, large amounts of data transmitted on the network are avoided, the dependence of system on the network bandwidth are reduced, and the network delay are overcome. Agent mobile does not require a centralized dispatcher. Instead, the agent which is created by the users can run at different nodes asynchronously and transmit the results to the users after the tasks being completed. agent mobile's dynamic adaptability makes sure that it can sense the operating environment and react to the changes autonomously and rapidly, thus making the whole system remain optimal all along. In addition, it has the characteristics of autonomy, robustness and fault tolerance, etc. However, the security issues, communication mechanisms, development methods and tools of mobile agent system are the most important factors that limit its widespread use.This paper analyzes the agent mobile technology and its application, lays an emphasis on the intensive study and the corresponding solutions to the problems of security issues, communication mechanisms, development methods and tools of agent mobile system, and summarizes the background and the current research situations of agent mobile technology. By means of discussing and analyzing the existing security theory of agent mobile system, it puts forward a more rigorous agent mobile security reference model in which three aspects are included: the communication security of agent mobile, the security of agent mobile server and the security of agent mobile itself. This paper also proposes an improved communication reference model of agent mobile which carries out research from three aspects—the naming and localization, the communication security and the communication failure of agent mobile—thus solving the communication problems of agent mobile to some extent and improving the communication security of agent mobile. Meanwhile, based on the characteristics of agent-oriented software development methodology, this paper presents a comparison and evaluation of three prominent agent-oriented methodologies. In addition, it investigates the underlying model of agent mobile platform Aglet and its programming interface, putting forward a framework of application system, which displays the features of agent mobile such as autonomy, asynchronism and reactivity. Based on the analysis of the existing architecture of the agent mobile system, the application framework of the agent mobile system proposed in this paper fulfills the basic tasks in the platform.Finally, by implementing several examples of the application system based on agent mobile, this paper presents the experiment results that examined and proved that the proposed theory and the designed algorithm are reasonable and available.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile Agent Technology, Security Model, Communication Mechanism, Evaluation Framework, ASOE
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