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Design Of Network Reform For The Securities Co., Ltd

Posted on:2011-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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According to the requirement of actuality, the business model of our company has taken the sales department as the center all along when operated. This kind of business model and technology structure has made the sales department an "isolated island of information". And it makes the securities firms face the following problems such as lag of information, separation of data, and incapability of the share of information resources. It shows in the following parts prominently:(1) The strength of management is weak, and the security performance is poor. (2) The efficiency of system is low, and the creative ability of business is bad. (3) The repeated low-level investment wastes the limited resources.According to the requirement of development, with our country entering the WTO, the economic environment of our country will change stage by stage. No matter for the internal part or the international part, as long as the environment changes, there will be a problem of adapting the environment changes. The influence of entering the WTO is largely decided by the ability of adaptation and the ability to deal with an emergency of the Chinese securities firms. Consequently, to establish a centralized securities information system has been demanded immediate attention. This article will mainly introduce the following subject matter, taking the establishment of centralized securities information system as the center.The headquarters of the information center:We have set two backbone routers in the information center of the headquarters, which are Cisco7206 router and Cisco 3745 router.Among the two routers, the Cisco7206 router connects with the subordinate sales departments by the means of dividing the line into several 2M sub-lines and 64k sub-lines through the module. At the same time, the Cisco 3745 router is used to provide the dialing backup link of both VPN and ISDN with all of the operation centers, sales departments and remote service departments.At the headquarters central control room, we connect the two backbone routers with two PIX525 fire walls by the connection of two Cisco 3524 switchboards. We cut off the connection between the wide area network and the internal network of the headquarters information center by the fire wall. When the addresses or applications of the external sales departments visit the addresses or applications of the internal network of the headquarters information center, they have to pass the filter of the fire walls, thus the security performance is improved.Sales departments:each sales department chooses two Cisco 2600 routers and makes backup routers using HSRP technique.After transformation, the corporate network set data, voice, video, as one, The use of advanced information technology, Establishment of free, open, scalable system architecture, Information sharing; Overall planning, Establish a complete system security architecture, Attention to all aspects of security measures, System is reasonable,Level of clarity,Responsibilities clearly,Means of simple operation and management of rich, System not only from the structure of guarantee to support future development, but also make full use of existing resources, Enables the system to smooth the transition, to get a lower total cost of ownership.
Keywords/Search Tags:Centralized information system for Securities Exchange, Routes, Firewall, VPN, ISDN, SDH, HSRP
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