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Research Of Scalable Stream-Media Service Technology

Posted on:2005-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q F YeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360155471975Subject:Software engineering
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With the. fast development of media technology, network technology, communication technology and higher and higher demand made by network media users, the traditional media service technology has received great challenge. It is difficult to expand the application of traditional media service. If we want to add media servers or increase the number of the media recourse owner, we would have to make a great change to the system software structure. The users feel unhandy because that the media services that each information management system offers is independently. To the media recourse owner, constructing a new media information management system need a lot of fund and technological input.On the basis of understanding deeply the study of existing media information management system both at home and abroad, considering the media user' s demand for the media service, I put forward a software structure scheme of managing the media information resources under an environment of Internet and designed a Scalable Network Media-Management System (abbreviated as SNMMS).The result of experiment and usage showed that SNMMS can manage and publish media resource from a lot of resource owners at the same time under the environment of Internet, can add media servers or increase the number of the media recourse owner. It is clear that SNMMS is successful in solving the demand both from the media resource owners and the watch users.The thesis is divided into five parts. The first chapter is about the background and the significance of the research task and the present research situation. Secondly, summarize the application limitations of these systems after analyzing the existing media information management system both at home and abroad. Thirdly, put forward the Scalable Media Service and research the technology of the implementation. Fourthly, the article indicates the difficulties that may meet with in the implementation of the system and gives the corresponding solution. Finally, on the basis of the realization of SNMMS, the article certificated that SNMMS has reached our demands. The article also discussed the work that need to do next.
Keywords/Search Tags:Video On-Demand, Content Management, Scalable
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