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Image Compression Based On Self-adapting Partition Generalized Wavelet-Fractal Coder

Posted on:2006-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C NiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360152982582Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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In information age, one of the primary problems we are confronted with is to effectively stores and transmits huge amounts of digital images. A favorable image compression technique can not only achieve high compression ratio and fidelity, but also meet the demands about progressive transmission.New theories and algorithms spring up continuously besides traditional methods, Wavelet and fractal image coding are the two important methods of them. Wavelet transform is of the characteristic of multi-resolution fitted to human visual features, while fractal means the similarity in distinct scales of an image. Thus there will be of great benefit to employ wavelet analysis to the research of fractals.In this thesis, The way of mergence of the two methods is discussed based on the analysis of wavelet image compression and fractal image compression.First, in chapter one, the necessity of image compression is dissertated. And then, the international standard about static image and sequence image is introduced.In chapter two, concerning on wavelet theory and wavelet based image coding strategy, we presents an overview of state of the art wavelet image compression works.In Chapter three ,The basic concept of fractal and foundation of mathematics systematically are introduces, Based on having reading a great deal of document ,the generation and development of fractal image coding and retrospected. The representative method of fractal image coding is presented in detail, the existing problem of fractal image coding, is analyzed and the direction of development pointed out.The main method of fractal and wavelet hybrid encoding is retrospected in chapter four, and a generalized class of affine two-dimensional fractal-wavelet transform has been introduced, and a new algorithm combineing with an adaptive wavelet sub-trees partition is give. Then the new approach is extended to color space for color image encoding, and after doing the experiment of coding and analyzing by VC++ on the Windows platform. The results have shown that the new algorithm can obtain much better coding performance when the compression ratio is the same.At last a review of literatures about the methods of image coding combining wavelet and fractals is discussed. The detailed review and future development of this field is presented,...
Keywords/Search Tags:Image Compression, Wavelet Transform, Fractal Coding, Iterated Function System, Hybrid Wavelet Fractal, Algorithm
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