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1. Modeling Theroies And Applications Of Non-polynomial Parametric Curves And Surfaces In Image Compression And Enlargement
2. Study Of Key Techniques In Compression Of Ultra-high-definition Images With Constrained Resource
3. Study On Spectral-feature-based Multispectral Image Compression
4. Study On GPU-based High Performance Decoding Methods For Remote Sensing Images
5. Study And GPU Parallel Implementation Of The Hyperspectral Image Compression Method Based On Interband And Calibration Correlations
6. Research On Key Technology Of Image Processing In Mobile Augmented Reality And Its Application
7. Study On The Key Technologies In WMSN Based Average Weight Gain Mornitoring System For Piglets
8. Dictionary Learning Method In Sparse Representation And Its Applications From Remote Sensing Image
9. Image Processing Towards Cloud Media
10. The Research Of Cube Of Interest Protection Based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Compression
11. Research On Entropy Coding For Video And Image Compression
12. The Analysis And Design Of Remote Sensing Imagery Information System
13. Study On Methods Of Recognition Feature Extraction And Fractal Compression For Partial Discharge Gray Intensity Images
14. Vector Quantization And Image Compression--The Analysis Of Theory, The Design Of Algorithm, Application And Implementation
15. Study On Content-based Document Image Compression
16. The Study Of Image Compression Method For PACS
17. Research On The Construction Of Wavelets And Image Compression Methods
18. Research On Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Compression Algorithm
19. Research On Image Compression And Signal Detection Based On Wavelet Transformation
20. The Research Of Image Compression Based On Lifting Scheme
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