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Wireless Download Electronic Voting System

Posted on:2006-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360152975642Subject:Communication and Information System
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As everyone knows, the traditional voting has several shortcomings, such as needs long time to throw the ballots into the ballet box, the task of count the tickets be heavy, apt to make mistakes, and be controlled easily, etc.. To these shortcomings, this artical designes a wireless download electronic voting system.In this system, electronic voting machines are used to replace the traditional ballots for showing the information of ballots and gather the voter's will. And by radio, they send the information to the computer which counts the ballots instead of human. Compared with other voting systems existing, the most characteristic of this system is it can download the content of voting to the electronic voting machines by radio after edited on computer, and can show all content by the electronic voting machines. Besides it is easy to use, fast and accurately to count the ticket, secure and reliable etc..This artical explains the system in detail from hardware design, on chip Real-Time operating system, software on computer, protocol of communication, and data encrypt algorithms. First of all, this text explains the hardware design. The circuit uses the ultra low power singlechip computer MSP430F149 as the core. This portion describes the choice and application of the components of all modules in detail. Secondly, after detailed explained the uC/OS-II real-time on chip operating system, explains the transplantation and optimization of uC/OS-II in wireless voting system. Moreover provides the plan of software design on computer, besides data structure basic operations and interface. Then, tells the communication protocol that this system uses, besides frame structure, instruction structure and the process of wireless network setting up and maintenance. Then tells the process of encrypting and decipherring of AES data encrypt algorithm. The analysis of AES's security and efficiency is also provided. Finally, provides the conclusion on the basis of testing actually.
Keywords/Search Tags:Electronic voting machine, MSP430 singlechip computer, nRF905, μC/OS-II, AES data encrypt algorithm
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