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Study On LD Double Ends Pumped And Intracavity Doubled Frequency All-solid-state Continuous-wave Nd:YVO4/LBO Green Laser System

Posted on:2004-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360125452093Subject:Theoretical Physics
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This dissertation has deeply studied the tashes of the process of producing green laser according to the theory of velocity equation, the theory of second harmonic generation, the theory of fold cavity etc. In the meantime, a new system of green laser has been designed combining the discussion of the characteristics of activation media and doubling frequency crystals. The chief contents and conclusions are as follows:1.The development of green laser and theories that relate to this subject were Introduced.2.The process of producing 1064nm basic frequency laser was studied by utilizing the theory of velocity equation, the image scatter and the stability breeding by thermal lens effect of the fold cavity by utilizing the theory of fold cavity and thermal lens. The corresponding measure has taken in designing cavity. The parameters of cavity was optimized and selected in designing Z type cavity, the lenses of cavity were selected and the specific demand of flash plating was put forward. The process of second harmonic generation of doubling frequency crystals was studied; the subject of matching phase was discussed. The characteristic of Nd:YVO4 laser crystal and LBO double frequency crystal were deeply studied and compared with other crystals in the same kind. The advantages and shortages of assembling Nd:YVO4/LBO were clarified in the process of producing green laser.3.We designed the collimation system of pumping laser by ourselves to reduce the image scatter of pumping laser and improve the pumping laser power density, and lower the threshold power of basic frequency laser. The struts, brackets of lenses, the cooling system of Nd: YVO4 and LBO crystal were designed and cured. The high power all-solid-state green laser system was assembled and designed as a whole. We gained 3.3W green laser when we pumped the system at 25W power while the temperature of Nd: YVO4 was controlled at 22℃, LBO was at 18℃, the efficiency of light-light reached 14.3%, and the conclusion nearly come to the same thing with the theory,this result is better than the need to gain 3W green laser of industrialization, and surpasses it 10 percentage.4. The idea and scheme about how to design a malfunction measurement system of optical parameter were put forward, demands for its basic form and functions of each section were advanced. At the same time the sketch was given.
Keywords/Search Tags:LD end-pumped, doubling-frequency intracavity, high- power, all -solid -state, continuous-wave, Nd:YVO4/LBO, green laser
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