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Studies On The Novel LD Pumped All-solid-state Yb:YAB Laser

Posted on:2005-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H XueFull Text:PDF
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In this thesis, theoretical and experimental studies about the novel all-solid-state Yb:YAB lasers are presented. The main contents are as followings.1.In this paper, the condition of LD pumped all-solid-state lasers are discussed briefly in past and now. The spectral characteristics and the laser operations of the latest Yb3+-doped femtosecond laser crystals are reviewed and discussed. As well as the development of laser mode-locked technology is reviewed. The mode-locking theory of SESAM is presented. 2.Not only the optical and physical characteristic of the Yb:YAB crystal is discussed,but also the LD end-pumped the novel laser is theoretically optimized. The highest laser output power could be obtained by chosing some important parameters such as the length or the temperature of the crystal , and the loss of the output couple (OC) mirror on theoretically calculation. In addition, the stability of the cavity is theoretically analyzed. 3.The two coupled modes—end-pumped and side-pumped are presented. On the base of theoretically calculation, the all-solid-state Yb:YAB lasers are experimental designed. By using the plano-concave cavity we get the power and spectrums of the fundamental frequency laser and self frequency doubling (SFD) laser in the experiment. In addition ,1.3% and 0.6% the slope efficiency are gotten by using the 1% and 0.25% OC mirrors in V cavity.4.Under the condition of CW operation, the passive mode-locked operation is realized by inserting SESAM in fold cavity. The Q-switched pluse and CW mode-locked pulse are obtained with the sptectrum width of 2nm and the repeat frequency of 374MHz .The average output power of flat mirror is 45mW.5.A new quasi-four-level coupling-wave rate equation is obtained from the quasi-four-level difference equations. The simulation results show that the output characters of the SFD and the fundamental frequency change with the length and temperature of crystal, at the same time, the SFD output is a function of fundamental intensity. The experiment about the LD pumped Yb:YAB SFD laser is operated. The SFD laser with maximal output power of 17mW is obtained.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yb:YAB crystal, All-solid-state laser, Laser diode pumped, Quasi-three-level system, Self-frequency-doubled laser
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