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Research On The Students' Self-control Ability

Posted on:2011-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N N LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360305450819Subject:Student affairs administration and students to develop guidance
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It's much of necessity to do research on training university students'abilities of self-control. Although the contemporary university students is becoming relatively mature, which is the mainstream, many of them still lack the self-control abilities and this is not compatible with their ages. Especially after entering the college, they may change their self-knowledge because of the realization of short-term goals and the variation of the living environment, leading to the result that they can't adapt themselves to the new environment. It's a truth that a huge proportion of university students have a bad self-control capacity, and this may result in the generalization of educator-control and some aspects or processes of education may have the features of "nanny style" education. This will not favorable neither to the expression of their strong inner needs, nor to external behavior performances of initiative, enthusiasm and creativity. Naturally they will not accommodate themselves to the requirements of characters and abilities in present or the future society.Researches on improving the contemporary university students'self-control ability have great theoretical significance and practical significance. Self-control ability is the premise of various kinds of effective educations, the basis of developing and cultivating other abilities as well as the inevitable request of the times on the qualities of contemporary university students. Especially in the era when education is aimed to develop student's abilities of creativity and practice, researches on self-control ability will have great guiding significance to consolidate the basis and enrich the contents of education for all-round development. Therefore, the education based on the studies on the university students'self-control ability is the prerequisite of all effective educations.This paper aims to find the psychological factors influencing self-control ability of the university students through analyzing the reasons that result in the lack of self-control ability. The other goal of the paper is to find effective ways or methods to improve the self-control abilities of the university students with reference to the domestic or abroad theories on self-control.The primary coverage of this paper is made up of the following three parts. Firstly, this paper introduces two important mechanisms of theories on self-control:the cold system and the hot system, that is, cognition and mood. Secondly, this paper studies the different performances of self-control on different psychological levels by dividing the ability into four dimensions including cognition, mood, will and motivation. Finally, on the above basis, this paper recommends effective ways and methods to cultivate cognition-control ability, mood-control ability, will-control ability and motivation-control ability as well as the practice in contemporary university students' daily life and studies. In brief, this paper aims to study the effective ways and methods to improving contemporary university students'self-control abilities in terms of comprehensiveness and practicality.
Keywords/Search Tags:self-control, cognitive control, emotional control, willingness control, motivation control
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