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Research On Institution Innovation Of Colleges And Universities Based On Cost Control

Posted on:2007-11-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M J SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360182997943Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Since higher education becomes popularized, the concurrent contradiction which results from severe insufficient cost and inefficient resources utilization begins to be conspicuous in Chinese higher education. On one hand, college scale has been enlarged while the scale effect that people expected hasn't been shown, which illustrates colleges and universities have the phenomena of inefficient resources allocation and wasting of resources. On the other hand, the state financial capacity and the willingness of the state finance appear an inclination to be weakened instead of a remarkable rise; the initiative of commercial bank on college loans has been reduced; students and their parents have raised an unprecedented query on the explosive growth of tuition. This phenomenon of being attacked from two sides simultaneously makes many colleges and universities in or being in difficult financial position. To enhance cost controlling and improve the effiency of resoureces utilizaition is the most significant and practical way to mitigate the crisis.Borrowing the achievements in politico-economics, educational psychology, institutional economics and modern administration system, and guided by the theories of cost, property right, entrusting, institional evolution, modern cost management, educational cost compensation and share mechanism, this dissertation, from the perspective of institutional innovation and employing various methods such as empirical analysis, standard analysis, comparative analysis and institutional analysis, carries out a deepened research of the related factors restricting the property system, delegation system, administration system, cost compensation and share mechanism. In the process of demonstration, this paper, employing the integrated theories of politico-economics, education economics, institutional economics and modern administration system, proposes a series of suggestions on institutional innovation in the light of the low effeciency of the cost control in higher education, from the angle of institutional innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Education cost, Cost control, Institutional innovation
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