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Studies On The Plant Diversity And The Vegetation Restoration Potential Of Engineering Disturbance Region Along Chengdu-Lanzhou Railway (in The Arid Valley Of Mingjiang River)

Posted on:2011-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J B HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360308972297Subject:Garden Plants and Ornamental Horticulture
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Arid valley is the most vulnerable ecological environment in the Hengduan Mountains Region."foeph effect",drought and water shortage,long winter,soil improverished and other natural conditions lead to the vegetation of arid valley showed typical dry vegetation features,The vegetation were weak in anti-jamming capability and extremely difficult restorate undremining. In this paper, vegetation characteristics, floristic composition, altitudinal patterns of plant diversity and the vegetation restoration potential of engineer-ing disturbance region were researched by vegetation survey and 6 plots set along Chengdu-Lanzhou railway (in the arid valley of Mingjiang River), To provide the foundation information and theoretical basis,The results were as follows.1. There were 84 families,285 genuses,556 species of vascular plants along Chengdu-Lanzhou railway in the arid valley of Mingjiang River.The patency larger families vegetaion were Asteraceae(Compositae),Rose family(Rosaceae),Legumes (Leguminosae), Poaceae(Gramineae). The growth-forms of vegetation type dominated by shrubs and herbs,a total of 518 species and account for 93.16% of the total species. spectrum phanerophyte at most,hemicryptophyte second and the ground buds at least in the life-forms of vegetation. These characteristics explained the significant of "foehn effect", drought and water shortage,a long time in winter, soil improverished and other environ-mental features in the arid valley,This was the results of a long-term that vegetation adaptated to special circumstances in arid valley.2. From the view of Quantities formed in family,The main vegetation of arid valley were constituted by a small number of dominant families,Meanwhile,Its' own large fewer species and genuses families. In term of the number of genus,The majority of vegetation were composited by 2 to 4 fewer species and single species.37.18% of seed plants families were discovered from the tropical plant flora,seed plants originated in tropical in the level of family. In term of genus geographical elements,the plant components were complex and temperate distribution was account for 63.80% which indicated the range of temperate flora was the most, the poor ecological environment was reflected in arid valley. 3. a diversity index of species richness, Shannon-Wiener index and Pielou evenness showed a increased first and then decreased again rising trend, Species dominance index showed the opposite trend with the increase of altitude along Chengdu-Lanzhou railway in the arid valley of Mingjiang River.Species richness (S) showed a negatively correlation with dominance index (D) and significant positive correlation with Shannon-Wiener index,dominance index (D) and Shannon-Wiener index showed significant negative correlation,the correlation of diversity index between evenness and other a diversity was not significant.With the increase of altitude, the Whittaker index between plot I and other plots showed a general increasing trend. Jaccard index and whittaker index showed a opposite trend and significant negative correlation.5. The vegetation restoration potential of engineering disturbance region was Station >Disposal>Construction site>Subgrade>Construction pavement>Tunnel.The easy restoration region was Station. Dispal,Construction site,Subgrade and Construction pavement were secondary easy restoration region,Tunnel was the most difficult restoration region.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chengdu-Lanzhou railway, arid valley, flora, diversity, vegetation restoration potential
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