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Tank Model With Migration Of Seasonal Frozen Soil In The Original Area Of Yellow River

Posted on:2010-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H P XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360272987734Subject:Hydrology and water resources
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With the development of computer,the development of basin hydrological model is being more and more faster.But in cool zone,base on lack of observation data and the roles of snow and frozen earth especially,the development of cool basin hydrological model is very slow,and always is the difficulty in the world.Through combining frozen soil migration,snow and ice melting and tank model,this thesis simulates the hydrological process of Yellow River Source Region and reflects hydrological characteristics of cool zone.Firstly,the existent researches on rainfall-runoff models are carefully reviewed.After analyzing the fundamental principles of rainfall,runoff and evapotranspiration subsystems in water cycling,a conceptual rainfall-runoff modeling that can be applied to the Yellow River Source Region is proposed.Yellow River Source Region is the important recharge area of Yellow River Region. Understanding the source region's hydrographic states is important to manger and design the water resources of Yellow River Source Region.Combining air temperature and precipitation of Yellow River Source Region,The thesis simulates monthly-runoff and analysis runoff characteristics.On the basis of migration of seasonal frozen soil,simulate s the Yellow River Source Region's runoff by snowmelt runoff model and tank model.The whole valley has been divided into three sub-valleys in the model,which could separately adopt temperature to distinguish rainfall and snow,positive and negative accumulated temperature to judge the migration of seasonal frozen soil.Combined tank model with snowmelt runoff model makes calculation at repeat parameter regulation.The result of simulation shows that,both regarding ice snow melting and frozen soil freeze-thaw recharge,adopting tank model,thaw of snow model and frozen soil migration model to simulate effect runs up to expectant effect.But,large valley area, hydrologic station and material fewness have a strong impact to know clearly runoff simulative precision.In addition,considering global weather effects,local hydrological circulation ordinary meet with destroy.The increasing of precipitation intense makes ELing lake's waterway undercutting,which makes fresh water spill quantity aggrandizement.In conclusion,the text analyses the simualted result and proposes the primary effect factors and model relative merits.which lodge more reclaim likelihood after then.
Keywords/Search Tags:tank model, snowmelt runoff model, the model of seasonal frozen soil migration, Yellow River Source Region
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