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Study On Photonic Crystal Fibers And Their Functional Devices

Posted on:2006-08-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The propagation properties of photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) are numerical investigated, moveover, the active and passive devices based on PCFs are designed and analyzed in this dissertation. Firstly, we summarize the study progress on PCFs. The full-vectorial plane-wave expansion method and finite element method are demonstrated. The guided mechanisms, principle guided properties of PCFs are studied. The surface modes in photonic bandgap fibers (PBGFs) and the temperature and mechanical characteristics of high-birefringence PCFs (HiBi-PCFs) are also studied. Fiber grating written in PCFs are theoretically and experimentally investigated. The functional devices based on PCFs, including the dual-core PBGFs coupler, the tunable attenuator based on fill-induced PBGFs, Er3+-doped PCF amplifier, Yb3+-doped double-cladding PCF laser and PCF Raman amplifier, are designed and analyzed. The details are described as follows:1 . The guided properties of PCFs are investigated. Firstly, we study the photonic band structure of the PCF cladding with triangular and honeycomb air holes lattices. Then the guided mechanisms of PCFs are demonstrated. The waveguide dispersion, leaky loss and effective modal area for both index-induce PCF and PBGF are presented.2. The surface mode in PBGF are theoretically investigated. The characteristics of core modes and surface modes in PBGF are investigated and the effects of core boundary on these modes are presented.3. The birefringence properties of form-induced and stress-induced HiBi-PCFs are studied. The temperature dependence of stress-induced HiBi-PCFs and the effect of lateral forces on form-induced HiBi-PCFs are also investigated. The numerical results are in agreement with the reported experimental results.4. Fiber grating written in PCFs are theoretically and experimentally investigated. Splicing between single-mode fiber and PCF are theoretically and experimentally investigated. The fiber Bragg grating is written in grapefruit PCF. The multi-wavelength resonances are observed in the grating, and theoretical analysis shows that this phenomenon is caused by the resonances between core modes and cladding modes.5. The dual-core air-guided PBGFs couplers are designed and decoupling phenomenon has been found. Coupling properties of the PBGFs with adjacent two air cores are evaluated. The decoupling point, where no power transfers between two cores,...
Keywords/Search Tags:Photonic crystal fiber, mircostructured optical fibers, photonic bandgap, birefringence, fiber grating, directional coupler, double-cladding fiber laser, erbium-doped fiber amplifier
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