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Keyword [birefringence]
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1. Silicon-based Arrayed Waveguide Grating For Optical Interconnects
2. Study On The Birefringence Fiber Loop Mirror Sensor And Its Application In Structural Health Monitoring
3. Research On The Beam Scanning Antenna Array Based On Gradient-index Device
4. Theory And Experimental Study Of Novel Microstructure Optical Fibers With Birefringence And Nonlinearity
5. Study On Thermal Deformation In High Energy Laser And Transmission System
6. Numerical Simulation Of New Configurations In Photonic Crystal Fibers
7. Study On The Optical Current Sensor With Polarization-Preserving Films
8. Study On Polarization Dependence And Wideband Characteristics Of Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
9. Research On Sagnac Interometer Based Fiber Optic Current Sensor
10. Research Of Demodulation And Packaging Tecknics On Fiber Grating Sensors
11. Study On Photonic Crystal Fibers And Their Functional Devices
12. Study On Double-clad Fiber Lasers And Amplifiers
13. Studies On Femtosecond Laser Induced Microstructures And Nonlinear Optical Materials Of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid
14. Measurement Of Polarization Coupling In Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Using White Light Interferometry And Its Applications
15. Effect Of The Spectral Width Of Optical Sources Upon The Output Of An Optical Current Sensor
16. Studies On Structure Design And Key Property Analysis Of Several Novel Microstructured Optical Fibers
17. Design Of High Birefringence Polymer Photonic Crystal Polarization Maintaining Fibers And The Primary Results Of Fabrication And Characteristic
18. Investigation On High Power High Brightness Solid-state Lasers And Their Harmonic Generation
19. Structure Design,Fabrication Process And Property Research Of PANDA PMF
20. Theoretical And Experimental Research On Sensing Characteristics Of Birefringent Fiber Gratings
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