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Video Analysis And Multicast Transport For Digital TV

Posted on:2004-05-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360095956149Subject:Computer application technology
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In recent years, digital TV has been becoming the common focus for researchers and industrial investors, with the development of its related technology and more requirement of new entertainment. Contents and services are the key element and technology is the basis for digital TV industry. This dissertation is about video analysis and multicast transport for digital TV. It mainly includes the following contents:1. About shot segmentation, a new method for detecting wipe shot transition in MPEG compressed domain is presented. This method analyzes the spatio-temporal distribution of the macroblock coding types in B frames and P frames, and then histogram analysis of DC-image is used to refine the detection. This method can get the beginning and ending frame sequence number of the wipe transition, but also the transition patterns. This method can distinguish from many motions and other shot transition types. It should be noted that it requires very few calculations.2. About sample-based video retrieve, a new hierarchical retrieval method for MPEG video is presented. It firstly uses dct_dc_size field in I frames to locate the suspected videos quickly, then reduces the retrieval result scope further by analyzing the spatio-temporal distribution of motion vector with tomography method, at last precise-matching analysis for DC images is used to validate the retrieval result. This technique requires only a few calculations and need not select the key frame ahead, which makes it to retrieve video real-time. Moreover, the many filtering processes can ensure high-precision retrieval ratio.3. About IPv6-based multicast route protocol, PIM-DM protocol has been designed and implemented, some detailed technology problems is discussed and corresponding solutions is given about the new version protocol draft.Based on the research results discussed above, digital TV program can be recorded automatically and sample-based video retrieve can be applied. Meanwhile, PIM-DM can be used as the multicast route protocol for program stream transport in IPv6-based network. All the techniques discussed may be used as one part of Resident Integrated Service System Based on Broad Band IP Network.
Keywords/Search Tags:Digital TV, Video Analysis, Shot Segmentation, Video Retrieve, Multicast Transport, IPv6, PIM-DM
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