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A Spatial Data Model Based On Rdbms And Its Special Application

Posted on:2002-03-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:D A LuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360062480868Subject:Road and Railway Engineering
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With the development of GIS application, some GIS platforms developed from map management can't be satisfied with some special GIS applications. In actual GIS applications, both integrated GIS platforms and specialized GIS platforms are in demand. To satisfied with a special GIS applications which has few spatial data, simple spatial objects, few demand for map ability, more demand for distance data access and more demand for multi-user cooperation (i.e.: apply GIS to telecomm resource management, electric power capital management, land property right management etc.), a spatial data model based on constructed point set storage is presented. In this paper, the basic idea, storage structure of spatial data, spatial data organization and spatial index construction about the presented model are discussed in detail. Moreover, a spatial data access component based on the model is developed and a specialized spatial-temporal data model developed from the model is presented to satisfy the demand of property parcel management. The validity and practicability of the presented models are proved from theory and actual application, and the presented spatial data model is proved to commendably satisfy with the demand of the above special GIS applications.Some innovative work are listed:1. Analyzes the basic features of a special GIS applications and its basic demand, points out the localization of integrated GIS platforms and its inelasticity, and presents a spatial data model based on constructed point set storage to satisfy with the demand of the special GIS application.2. Presents a spatial index method based on rude grid and object bound and proves its validity and practicability on constructing spatial index.3. Discusses the method of developing a component based on the presented model in detail and develops a component with some basic functions.4. Presents a spatial-temporal data model based on constructed point setstorage and a classification spatial-temporal index solution, proves it validity and practicability by applying them to land property right management.5. Presents a constructional solution of property parcel change based on constructed points, makes the property parcel change escape from depending the abilities of given GIS platform, and makes the property parcel change more flexible, more stable and more credibility than before.Starts from analyzing a special GIS applications, the paper points out its widely existence in DSS and MIS, presents a spatial data model based on constructed point set storage and its developed spatial-temporal model, and proves the validity and practicability of the presented models from theory and actual application. However, different from the common GIS models the presented model in this paper can only be applied to specialized field satisfied with the special qualification.
Keywords/Search Tags:Spatial data model, Spatial-temporal data model, Constructed point set, Relational database, Spatial index, Classification spatial-temporal index
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