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Study On High Power Diode-side-pumped Double Frequency Solid-state-laser

Posted on:2002-04-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Diode-pumped solid-state laser(DPSSL) is solid-state laser, used laser diode (LD) instead of flash lamp to pumping laser media. Comparing with traditional flash lamp, it has a lot of advantages, such as high efficiency, longer lifetime, compactness, stabilize and reliable. So now, it has been well developed in the solid-state laser field. The dissertation is around the study on?High power diode-side- pumped solid-state laser? On the basis of the systematic analysis and theoretical study, this dissertation elaborately introduces the characteristic of gain distribution, temperature distribution, thermal lens effect and thermal birefringenee effect . Concerned theoretical analysis and experimental research on ?Diode-pumped high-repetition-rate double-frequency Nd:YAG laser?and iode-pumped high power cw double-frequency Nd:YAG laser? The dissertation contains the following five parts: 1. Summary ? Development and feature of diode-pumped solid-state laser are brief introduced, types and characteristics of pump geometry are discussed, summary of recent study success of diode-pumped double- frequency solid-state laser is presented. 2. Research on characteristics of gain distribution Under the various conditions of Diode-side-pumped, Characteristics of gain distribution in the laser media are systematic researched for the first time: A complete set of theoretical model is build up. Computer simulation is employed and a series of 3D pattern and important characteristic parameters are observed. Effect of change of system parameters on gain distribution is analyzed. True pattern of fluorescence distribution under special conditions of diode-side-pumped were obtained by experiment. It is proved that theoretical model is well coincidence with result of experiment. Gain distribution in the laser media of Lamp-pumped are investigated by both theory and experiment, and some useful conclusion is obtained by compared with diode-side-pumped. 3. Research on thermal effect in laser media Thermal distribution function and equivalent thermal power density have been proposed for the first time. A complete set of theoretical model of temperature distribution in laser media is built up. Common function of thermal distribution and temperature distributions under the variety of given conditions is presented . On the basis of equivalent thermal power density, concise formulas of thermal lens effect and thermal birefringence effect are given. The result of theoretical calculation is perfect by compared with experiment. 4. Research on Diode-pumped high-repetition-rate double- frequency Nd:YAG laser Oscillator theory of Diode-side-pumped Q-switch solid-state -laser is presented. The effect of gain distribution characteristic on beam quality of output laser is discussed. Parameters of pump structure are optimized in order to improve the beam quality and transform efficiency. Three high duty rate QCW-600W diode-array are used to side-pump Nd:YAG laser, and 29.6mJ of output energy at 1.064 t m of 6.4ns pulse width and 200Hz repetition rate with TEM00 mode is obtained. Based on this, the extra-cavity double-frequency experiment is made, 1 6.8mJ of output energy at 0.532 i-m of 5.6ns pulse width is obtaine...
Keywords/Search Tags:diode-side-pumped, gain distribution, thermal effect, Q-switched, double-frequency
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