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Research On PDMS Of Advanced Manufacturing System

Posted on:2001-07-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:B B WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360002951271Subject:Machinery manufacturing
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The representation, storage and utilization of the product data in Advanced Manufacturing System are researched ,with focus on its modeling and application. The process of establishing PDMS in Advanced Manufacturing System based on Intranet and the process of constructing PDMS in both legal system and a complete new one are set out. A C++ algorithm of STEP for PDMS is realized through the research of CSG, Brep and STEP. Some useful results are obtained in the developing PDMS via relational and spatial database. Inter-operate among several mainstream heterogeneous database is implemented in Java, and Servlets in the client/server computing model is implemented . Cooperating of Data of simplify Product management in peer network is developed. Concepts of Project Tracing is proposed . Algorithm and displaying method of Project Tracing are realized , and Detail Model under the constraints of resource is given. Work flow of Advanced Manufacturing System can be classified into office workflow and manufacturing workflow. Petri-net means of expression of the workflow based on PDMS is discussed, with a practical office workflow realized. A model of a manufacturing workflow adapted to PDMS of Advanced Manufacturing System is proposed. All innovations are as follows: 1. STEP data form of products is realized with the method of Dual list Algorithm in C++ . The combination of relational database and spatial database is realized via JAVA Object Connect Vector ,the disadvantage of relational database over spatial database is overcome. 2. Inter-operation and interconnection of Oracle ,SQLserver and DB2 are implemented with JDBC, a realizing process of servelet based on PDM is given. Synchronous algorithm of Product data on the simplified application in peer network is developed. 3. Concepts of Project Tracing is proposed . Tree recursive algorithm and realizing process based on Outline are provided. Corresponding analytical Master-Detail model under constraints of resource is put forth. 4. A modej of a manufacturing workllow under Advanced Manufacturing System is proposed. A role oriented workflow system and scientific file management are developed. A role configuration Scheme and operation mechanism under PDMS are proposed and realized. A workflow prototype based on Petri- net under PDMS is put forth.
Keywords/Search Tags:Advanced manufacturing system, product database, relational database, project tracing, petri-net, workflow.
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