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The Research And Application Of The Intelligent Coordinated Control Based Rate Optimal Control

Posted on:2001-09-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:D L CengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360002951164Subject:Thermal power project
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The coordinated control system (CCS) of turbine-generator unit is a rather complicated multi-variable control system. The common Direct Energy Balance and Indirect Energy Balance systems can not satisfy the desirability submitted by electric network automation. With the development of the modem control theory, more high- level control algorithms aimed at the practical realization problem of multi-variable control system. More intelligent control methods also have been applied in process control practice. This paper principally studies some field as follows: When analyzing the energy balance and nonlinear relationship of the CCS, this paper introduces a general dynamic model, and gives the solution of the undecided parameters. This paper also introduces predict model of the load/pressure increment, and illustrates the validity of the dynamic model and predict model through simulation. The integral structure of the intelligent CCS, task restriction mechanism, adaptive internal model control applied in boiler servo-system and rule-based backlash compensator applied in turbine servo-system are proposed. The adaptive internal model control method resolve the problems such as large time delay, predict model adaptability. Rule-based compensation and control method is applied in turbine servo- system with backlash nonhiearity, which make the turbine system more stables. The practical compensator parameters self-tuning method is introduce in the end. In order to resolve the system uncertain disturbance and unmodeling dynamic, this paper gives the approaches applying intelligent control in CCS. Based on the analysis of the performance feedback model, the multi-variable intelligent control and multi- variable fuzzy control method are brought in CCS. At last, rule-based parameters self- tuning mechanism, system integration and system optimization are discussed. Finally, a practical application illustration on a 300MW turbine-generator unit applied with intelligent CCS is introduced to illustrate the paper viewpoint. The detailed design scheme is proposed and the practical running curves have shown the static and dynamic performance. Ph. D. Candidate: Zeng Deliang Directed by: Prof. Liu Jizhen...
Keywords/Search Tags:coordinated control system, boiler-turbine dynamic model, load/pressure increment predict model, discoupling control, rated optimal control, intelligent control, fuzzy control, nonlinear inverted compensation, internal model control
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