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Chinese Mobile Media In Multidimensional View

Posted on:2017-05-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Mobile phones have had a tremendous impact on all aspects of human beings’ lives. It expands the scope and impact of interpersonal communication, overturns the propagation path of news and information and replaces the alarm clock, wallet, flashlight, calendar as well as other daily necessities and riches entertainment choices of leisure time. Meantime, the equality, compatibility and openness of mobile phones have brought opportunities for multiculturalism, social interaction and industrial development. However, mobile phones also lead to management and regulation challenges related some areas, such as short messages, internet rumors and so on. Mobile phones not only are model of media convergence in modern society but also help to eliminate boundaries between private space and public space. We can get in touch with others in different areas but relationships among us are estranged in the intermediary communication. Mobile phones have a variety of practical functions and offer rich cultural and spiritual products. Therefore, it is necessary for us to conduct a comprehensive and systematic research on mobile phone because of its multiple roles in our lives.This research proceeds from four points as follows. First, most of us cannot live without mobile phones. Why the mobile phone plays so much important part in our lives? The main factors lie in mobile phone’s communication and features convergence. Second, our social relationships are attached to mobile phones. How the mobile phone reconstructs our social style and shapes what kind of social relationship is the second entry point. Third, the important reason for people using mobile phones all the time is rich content and colorful applications. Exploring the business models and problems in development of mobile games, mobile music and mobile video industries is the third idea. Finally, there are conflicts between convergence of mobile phone and independence of traditional media, which increasing the difficulty of management and regulation. How to rationalize the relationship among government agencies, mobile phone companies and industrial associations as well as individual users in order to establish regulatory framework of mobile phones is the forth research view.This research analyses the impact of mobile phones on human beings, society and culture in different times on the technology culture history as background. Mobile media is inspected in the historical process of media evolution and delineated development stages by features’upgrading as well as system updating. At the beginning, mobile media was a concept product and had no much practical value. The first generation analogue phones freed people from a specific space and empowered people the ability of walking while talking to the person in far distance. In the second generation of functional media era, mobile media have developed from a voice-call tool to a multimedia terminal including characters, pictures, audios and videos. The communication style of mobile media gradually eliminates the boundaries between interpersonal communication and mass communication. Smart phones have extended to the center equipment of Internet of Things. Although media hybridization can release tremendous energy, its accompanying destructive also cannot be overlooked.In the long history of human evolution, whether genetic selective or acquisition in terms of experience, interpersonal interaction has its very important role in both individual and social development. Interpersonal communication tool for a period always adapts to the frequency and the scope of activities of individual moving. Mobile media as interpersonal communication tool is the product of society change. It integrates immediate or delayed, synchronous or asynchronous and other ways of social models. The mobility and semi virtual constructed by mobile media on one hand give people freedom to connect with others, on the other hand weaken the uniqueness of human body. In the mutual shaping and co-evolution relationship between human beings and media, there is a trend of "media humanity" and "human machinery", which raising the status of the media but reducing human’s status. Mobile media refreshes boundaries between intimate and lonely feeling. In the long term of mediated communication, it produces a new kind of interpersonal relationship called "abandon around but pursuit afar". We should place mobile media on the tool position and shape technology in the way of respecting themselves. Only in this way, the sociality can be returned to the real life and human beings nature will be recovered.Besides of the communication and social features, mobile media still has entertainment feature because of offering colorful contents and cultural services. In the media society, mobile media industries are the new increasing points in economics. We need excellent games to gain deep and lasting fun. Mobile games fit the "micro culture" in mobile internet times and have a great vogue in different ages. Contents protection and users’ value are main two points in the development of mobile music. Under the "Three Networks Convergence" policy, mobile media becomes the focus of both traditional media and new media for compatible with multiple video resources. Although mobile video industry has good prospects for development, it still has some problems such as contents production, users’ preference and profit models. The Big Data is a new way to solve these problems.Mobile media produces a variety of problems which cannot be solved by market in the using and dissemination. Therefore, it is necessary for government to regulate and manage by policies and laws. At the present stage, from the vertical point of view, mobile media regulation framework is constructed by five layers:laws enacted by the NPC, administrative regulations formulated by the State Council, department regulations established by the competent authorities, judicial interpretation by Supreme People’s Court and Supreme People’s Procurator ate and regulatory documents of government agencies at all levels. From the horizontal point of view, the regulation contents of every layer include infrastructure management, service provider management, and protection of personal information and dissemination of content. China has initially established the basic government regulation framework of mobile media. However, there are still some difficulties in some aspects, such as new media legislation, self-discipline and supervision from users. Learning from the advanced experience of foreign regulation on new media will bring great benefit for Chinese mobile media regulation.Mobile media is much more than technological innovation in the information age. It has far-reaching significance in people’s acceptance, using and the attitude formation in this process. Therefore, it is necessary for us to conduct a comprehensive and deep exploration.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile Media, Media Convergence, Social pattern, Contents industries, Government Regulation
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