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Research On The Key Technology On Inter-satellite Network Contribution Of GNSS

Posted on:2014-12-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1108330479479559Subject:Information and Communication Engineering
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Improving system survivability and removing the regional limitations in GNSS becomes to be urgent require with the military struggle expanding to GNSS field, making inter-satellite link technology becomes the develop trend of GNSS. This dissertation mainly studies the key technology in construction of inter-satellite network(ISN), which mainly to solve the problem of inter-satellite ranging and data exchange in ISN of GNSS. Themain results achieved in this dissertation are summarized as follows.(1)The satellite-earth joint working mode and constellation autonomous working mode are descriptedaccording to the engineering requirements of ISN. The detailed mechanism of ISN is customized according to the structure of OSI/RM model. A conclusion is summarizd that the parameters of the constellation, satellite antenna beamforming and the control strategy construct the network topology of the ISN. Based on the geometricanalysis of the constellation, an algorithm of inter-satellitevisibility is proposed in this paper.(2)The method of inter-satellite link(ISL) assignment is studied under the conditions of satellite with beam spot antenna. The contradiction between the requirement of inter-satellite ranging and communition is researched. Under the thought of finite state processing, time-varying network topology becomes to be fixed topology structure, which makes the upper research greatly simplified. The math model is abstructed to meeting the two requirements, undering which an algorithm is proposed for ISL assignment in the ISN. Maxmizing the inter-satellite ranging is realized with the algorithm, the simulation results show that the algorithm acquires excellentnetwork and inter-satellite ranging performance. The algorithm proposed in this paper has strong theoretical reference value for engineering application.(3)Based on the topological structurecharacteristic of ISN, a new TDMA mechanismin ISN isproposed under the conditions of the satellite with wide beam antenna. A slot seize-able TDMA mechanism is proposed under the definition of the TDMA frame structure and preemptive mode. Based on the formula of link cost between two network nodes and the fact that the slot sequence will affect the network performance, the optimizationobject is studied and a algorithm of slot sequence decision is proposed, which also has reference value in the study of TDMA mechanism in other fields.(4)Broadcast in ISN is studied, in which bone sub-network construction is used for solving the broadcast storm problem in broadcast routing. The relationship between bone sub-network and dominating set theory is analysed. The problem of calculatin minimum total cost dominating set(MCDS) is abstructed and an approximation algorithm for this problem is proposed.Combined with the rapid development of satellite load technology and the autonomous navigation needs becoming urgent, ISN whith ISL technology in GNSS is broadly concerned in recent years. Because the autonomous navigation is a emerging area and there are few literatures published, this paper conducts a preliminary exploration onthe key technology in ISN which has a certain theoretical significance and engineering practical value with theoretical research taking full account of the actual engineering constraints.
Keywords/Search Tags:Inter-Satellite Link(ISL), Inter-Satellite Network(ISN), Inter-Satellite Visibility, ISN Arcitechure, Link Assignment, TDMA, Connected Dominationg Set, Approximation Algorithm
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