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Research On Linked Construction And Storage Of Linked Course Data

Posted on:2014-08-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1108330425967720Subject:Computer application technology
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The concept of linked data was put forward in2006. Publishing data information with linked data technology is the most important step in the data World Wide Web. The resource description framework and Web ontology language, released by W3C, have made formal definition of the relationship between concepts that appear in the document, leading the network data to global features and machine readability. The main effect of linked data is to create the links and integrate the data. At the same time, linked data technology also provides rich semantic knowledge service to electronic learning system. Relevance course data construction, organization and knowledge management is an important research direction in the future in the field of electronic learning.The article launches the research from the data conversion, data construction of linked courses, constructing ontology, linked data storage index etc.(1) In the aspect of data conversion, transforming various types of teaching resources document to RDF data was described. The method of turning the form data into linked data was proposed innovatively. Using the semantic relationship between LOD data sets, related classes and entities between the column header, table form element value and column relationships could be produced. Taking the Markov network diagram model as the frame, the paper made the linked inference, and finally converted it into a RDF data output.(2) Aiming at knowledge representation problem, the construction method of linked course data was proposed. Taking the computer interface and composition principle course as an example, computer hardware course RDF data set was constructed. Then the concept of ontology was led into. Ontology definition, the method of constructing ontology, knowledge ontology metadata and cognitive order of knowledge point were introduced. Constructing the association between preorder and subsequent knowledge points is the basis of knowledge discovery and knowledge navigation, while providing more complex retrieval functions. Due to the diversity of nature language and concepts, knowledge points exist non-preorder, non-subsequent relations or non-mapping relationships. This paper proposed a new built-in text-matching-based linked method, adding more semantic connection for the link of course data, helping learners be more comprehensive of course domain knowledge and improve the efficiency of learning.(3) According to the linked data storage and indexing problem, the main semantic data storage mode was analyzed. The paper analyzed its advantages and disadvantages and proposed a multiple storage structure which was based on vertical division, multi-index and attribute table, so that the storage and query capabilities were improved.At the same time, experiments based on the authoritative data set proved the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm research. Experimental results showed that the paper was innovative about the in-depth study and the realization scheme of the linked courses data conversion and storage, which were feasible and effective.
Keywords/Search Tags:Linked Data, RDF, ontology, RDF query language
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