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Studies On Effects Of Salt Stress On The Photosynthesis Of Spirulina Platensis

Posted on:2007-01-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Salt stress is one of the main environmental factors that limit the growth and productivity of plants and algal species. Since photosystem II (PSII) is believed to play a key role in the response of photosynthesis to environmental perturbations, the effects of salinity stress on PSII have been investigated extensively. However, the action mode and primary site of PSII by salt stress are conflicting. This study investgated effects of salt stress on PSII structure and function of Spirulina Platensis, in order to explore the damage mechanism of salinity stress on PSII and its adaptation of PSII apparatus to salt stress. The primary results are following:1.Spirulina platensis cells were suspended in fresh medium containing different concentrations of NaCl (0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8 M) for 12h.Chlorophyll,carotenoid,PC,APC and protein content decresed significantly with increasing salt concentrations.The decrease of both pigments and protein contents in Spirulina platensis is probably that salt inhibited their synthesis or enhanced their degradation, and thus effected the photosynthesis of Spirulina platensis.2.Oxygen-evolving activity and the electron transport activity of PS II declined significantly with the increase of the NaCl concentration,The results suggest that activity of PS II declined by salt stress.3.Oxygen evolution , thermoluminescence , polyphasic rise of fluorescence transients(OJIP) and Western-blotting were measured, in order to study the effects of...
Keywords/Search Tags:PS II, TL, s-state, Western-blotting, salt stress, photosynthesis, Spirulina platensis, chlorophyll fluorescence, decay of Chl a fluorescence yield
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