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1. Molecular Localization Of The Key Enzymes Of Photosynthesis And CCM In Alga And Analysis Of Photosynthetic Physiology Of The CodA Transgenic Tobacco
2. Desiccation-Tolerance And Resurrection Mechanisms Of Photosynthesis Of Boea Hygrometrica
3. Distribution Of Excited Energy And Photoprotective Mechanisms During Photosynthesis In Higher Plants
4. Invasion Biology Of Solidago Canadensis
5. Study On The Characteristics And Mechanisms About Plant Life Cycle Forms Of Acanthopanax Senticosus
6. Photosynthesis Research On The Predominant Legume Species In Hunshandak Sandland
7. Thermotolerance Of Photosynthesis In Salt-adapted Halophyte And Glycophyte
8. Isolation And Characterization Of Photosystem Ⅱ Of Porphyra Yezoensis Udea And The Study Of Rubisco
9. Research On CO2 Enrichment Method Applied In Sugar Free Plant Tissue Culture
10. Cloning And Analysis Of Metalloprotease Genes And A Pathogenesis-related Gene In S.surattense
11. Studies On Osmotic Adjustment And Photosynthetic Adaptations Of Iris Lactea Pall. Var Chinensis Koidz Grown In Salt And Alkali Soil
12. Ecophysiology Adaptation Of Dominant Grasses And Their Response To Simulated Climatic Changes In The Songnen Grassland Of China
13. Studies On The Responses Of Desert Algae To Ultraviolet Radiation And The Algal Crust Formation Under Field Conditions
14. The Research On The Interrelationship Between The Vegetation And Water Resource In Ulan Buh Desert
15. The Study Of Photoinduced Ultrafast Dynamics Of Peripheral Light Harvesting Complexes (LH2) In Primary Process Of Purple Bacteria Photosynthesis
16. Isolation High Chlorophyll Fluorescence Mutants In Arabidopsis Thaliana And Functional Analysis Of PPT1 Gene
17. Study On Plant Functional Types From North-Beijing Agro-pastoral Ecotone
18. Physio-ecological Responses Of Leymus Chinensis To Overgrazing And Clipping
19. Migration Of Rhizobia In Plants And Proteome Analysis Of Their Interaction
20. Studies On Effects Of Salt Stress On The Photosynthesis Of Spirulina Platensis
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