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1. Regulation Of Rat Preadipocytes' Differentiation By Vimentin Intermediate Filament
2. Functional Implication Of GRIP1 And GRIP2 To Neuronal Injury In The Rat Brain After Local Cerebral Ischemia
3. Purification, Characterization, Immunoassay And Function Study Of Vitellogenin And Lipovitellin From Rosy Barb (Puntius Conchonius)
4. Neural Mechanisms Underlying Anterior Cingulate Cortex Mediating Pain Aversive Emotion In Rats
5. The Hepatic Caecum Of Amphioxus (Branchiostoma Belcheri.)-Localization Of Vitellogenin And Toxicities Of Cadmium And Copper To Amphioxus
6. Expression Of CCR7 And The Effect Of It With The Ligand CCL19 On Biological Function Of Mouse Microglial Cells
7. Studies On Effects Of Salt Stress On The Photosynthesis Of Spirulina Platensis
8. Studies On Expression, Preparation, Characterization And Function Of Tobacco PR-1a
9. Studies On Ciliature Microtubular Organelles And Tubulins In The Hypotrich Ciliate Stylonychia Pustulata
10. Coupling Of Heart Outflow Tract Morphogenesis With Development Of Pulmonary Endoderm In Embryo
11. Proteomics Of Malpighian Tubules And The Functional Analysis Of Important Enzymes,Bomyx Mori
12. Effect Of Ca~(2+) And NaCl Treatment On Tonoplast V-ATPase And Ca~(2+)-ATPase Activities In Seedlings Of Suaeda Salsa Han Ning(College Of Life Science, Shandong Normal University)
13. Purification And Characterization Of A New Form Of Vitellogenin From Amphioxus (Branchiostoma Belcheri Tsingtaunese) And Its Immune Function Study
14. The Bioeffects Of Extremely Low Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field On PC12 Cells And The Study Of The Related Signaling Pathways
15. Joint Estrogenic Effects Of Nonylphenol And Bisphenol A On Zebrafish (Danio Rerio)
16. Cloning, Expression,Purification Of Recombinant Human GAd And Its Biological Activity Detection
17. Experience-dependent Expression Of NMDA Receptor Subunit NR2B Protein In Rat Auditory Cortex
18. Expression And Localization Of Transforming Growth Factor-β1 And Its Signal Transducer Smad2 And Smad4 In Alpaca Testis
19. The Effect Of Nodes Interferer On Scale-free Cellular Signaling Transduction Networks
20. Studies On The Microtubule-like Organelle And Microtubulin Of Two Kinds Of Hypotrichous Ciliates In Different Physiological States
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